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Project chronology & history

There were a number of key stages in this project, extending from research to development :

Discovery of the type C low-threshold mechanoreceptor neuron class (C-LTMR) by Yngve Zotterman
Identification of the TAFA4 protein as a specific molecular marker of C-LTMR sensory neurons
Elucidation, by the team of Aziz Moqrich, of the role of the TAFA4 protein in pain gate control
Filing of a first patent linked to TAFA4 by Aziz Moqrich
Filing of two new product patents in December 2021 and May 2022 (for polypeptide derived from TAFA4) by Tafalgie Therapeutics and the CNRS

Others key stages


Creation of 'Chronic Pain'

Creation of the team 'Chronic Pain' :

Molecular and cellular mechanisms” team by Dr. Aziz Moqrich from the IBDM, and Dr. Stephane Gaillard, who joined this new team


Sublicense exploitation agreement

Sub-licence exploitation agreement

with Satt Sud-Est (SEE)
What is the SATT SUD-EST ?


Creation of Tafalgie Therapeutics

Creation of the company :

Completion of the Tafalgie Therapeutics founders by the arrival of Laurent Labatut and the establishment of a support team


The company begins operating, with the performance of preclinical studies...

The company begins operating, with the performance of preclinical studies

R&D activities, regulatory activities, the establishment of a scientific advisory board and efforts to obtain financial support

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