Tafalgie Therapeutics,
Pain Treatment:
A New Pharmaceutical Approach

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Tafalgie Therapeutics is an early-stage Biotech company focusing on the development of nextgeneration analgesics.

Tafalgie Therapeutics is a spin-off from the CNRS / Aix-Marseille University IBDM laboratory, specializing in the development of next-generation pain-relieving peptides, devoid of the disabling side effects of opioids. Based on the identification and understanding of a novel mechanism of action linked to the analgesic effect of a secreted endogenous protein TAFA4, which modulates the pain signal between the peripheral sensory neurons and the central nervous systems.

These future first-in-class analgesic peptides should be able to relieve and prevent acute and chronic pain, without loss of efficacy over time, and with a massive reduction in the side effects currently associated with most analgesics (such as anxiety, respiratory problems, dizziness…).

These peptides should clearly act as disease modifiers capable of blocking pain-initiating mechanisms.


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Key Achievements

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